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Company Profile

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For more than 10 years, we create value for our customers

We establish long-term cooperation with our customers, regardless of whether new systems are designed and built or whether existing systems are optimized and expanded. The success we achieve for our customers speaks for itself and underlines the usefulness of this long-term partnership.

The broad qualification and the "soft skills" of our employees together with the consistent service orientation create continuing customer satisfaction and are the basis of our success.

Milestones in the history of our company

 March 1st, 1999 Foundation of the company 'it consulting' as a sole proprietorship
 March 18th, 1999 Conversion of sole proprietorship into a limited liability
 April 1999 We established a system to analyze customer satisfaction. This system is the early basis of our company's concept.
 April 2000 Expansion of business activities to include the areas of strategy and process consulting
   First projects concerning U.S. GAAP (United States Generally Accepted Accounting Principles)
 May 2001 Establishing our company's branch 'SAP Services'
   Expanding our service portfolio to SAR RE
 December 2001 Implementation of our first SAP server to establish our first internal testing and presentation system
 November 2002 Improvement of our quality management system (additional views of appraisal and early indicators)
 December 2002 Establishing our company's branch 'Webdesign'
 January 1st, 2003 Conversion of 'it consulting GmbH' to 'emphetaion AG'
 May 2003 Expanding our service portfolio to SAR HR
 June 2003 Expanding our service portfolio to SAR Basis
 August 2003 First projects concerning IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards)
 December 2005 Expanding our service portfolio to offer services in the area of server installation, server maintenance and network support for Windows servers
 May 2006 Design and development of a web frontend to process malfunction reports in SAP PM on the basis of BSP (Business Server Pages)
 October 2006 Design of solutions to support the determination of deductible input tax for credit institutions
 September 2007 Development of a customer specific integrated graphical planning tool integrated in SAP PM
 April 2008 Development of web frontend integrated in SAP RE to support the asset management of real estate portfolios